Edley Shine (Formerly of Born Jamericans) Hip-hop and dancehall enthusiasts already know Edley Shine as the dynamic creative force behind the sensational duo, Born Jamericans. He is Back With New Music!!!

His Story

Edley Shine (Formerly of Born Jamericans) Hip-hop and dancehall enthusiasts already know Edley Shine as the dynamic creative force behind the sensational duo, Born Jamericans. The Born Jamericans were among the first to transcend the barrier that conventional dancehall music now enjoys, by creating a hybrid of hip-hop and dancehall music. The duo is thought of to be the catalyst that brought the dynamic synergy of the two genres to realization. The Born Jamericans were the pioneers in taking dancehall music over the threshold, opening doors for the music from the island, Jamaica. As many people vividly remember, the duo held their foundation as a formidable force, being Americans of Jamaican parentage amongst some of the biggest names ever to surface on the dancehall scene. A Born Jamerican is back and ready to reclaim his foothold, with lyrical prowess way beyond your imaginative realm.

Simply put, a force to be reckoned with. Edley Shine, the distinctive inflected voice that resonates behind the many hits of the Born Jamericans, is back to repossess the stolen legacy. He is passionate and tenacious about making a successful come back to show his fans that his presence still looms. Edley Shine charismatic personality and strong resilience will make him more than a contender but an invaluable artiste in the industry. Edley is determined to surpass the "has been" notion associated with artistes that have taken a brief hiatus from the industry. However, for Born Jamericans, notably Edley Shine it was extremely different. The duo was ahead of their time, creating a path of their own, when only a microcosm of the industry's despots really wanted to explore dancehall music.

A few artistes were able to penetrate the fear factor, although recording labels had no definitive marketing strategy to bring this newly introduced genre to the masses. The misconstruction of dancehall music being a bad investment made almost every label skeptical, even when talent was eminent. Without a delineated strategy, these two young vibrant Jamericans sold dancehall music in every crevice and corner of the world. To add clarity to the commonly held misconception that the Born Jamericans faded or had lost their recording contract, neither of the two happened, the duo broke up and decided to go their separate ways, leaving everything behind. Edley Shine took some time off from music to tend to his wavering family matters, while the other member continued. During his hiatus, he was requested by the Great "Stevie Wonder" to work on a song on his 1996 album (Tomorrow Robins Will Sing). In 2000, Edley Shine joined forces with KRS-One /Mad Lion EMI release "Predator or Prey", on the unreleased KRS-One/Mad Lion album, Double Trouble. Edley Shine stirred up quite a buzz on the radio mixtape circuit with His Remix of Beamer Benz or Bentley entitled Badman Rudebwoy Shotta, And Hot new single "Telephone Sex Produced By JButtah available on Itunes. The release of the single has piqued a market that has been in a state of inertia since Edley Shine's absence.

The renaissance of Edley Shine is already rippled with promises, with magazine interviews inquiring about his rumored come back, radio interviews, co-hosting radio sessions, guest appearances, etc. Still young and full of childish agility, Edley is determine to actualize is vision. He is cognizant of the challenges that await him but will stop at nothing until he reaches the zenith of his career.

For many achieving such success can be a feat, he has seen it; hence he knows it is attainable. Edley has outlined a scheme of execution to show his fans that his work has always been ahead of its time. With an independent project in progress, Edley's only concern is to keep his hits on the street to perpetuate his buzz. As a hip-hop reggae pioneer he knows that he can make a resounding impact on an independent level, given proper promotion and product placement.

Edley's primary market is Washington, DC (his Hometown), New York, Florida, Boston, Los Angeles, Virginia, North and South Carolina, England, and Caribbean. Born Jamericans sold hundreds of thousands of records in these areas and a much-awaited come back is still anticipated by this market.


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